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The small chapel at Whitecross Road was no longer sufficient to hold the fellowship and in May 1860 the Station Street church was opened with 500 seats. The ministers at that time were mostly local men, one of them we know of being Henry Vince, whose father was a market gardener. He was baptised at Swaffham at the age of 18 in 1843 (Baptisms at this time usually took place in the open air in rivers or lakes). He proved himself a gifted preacher soon after and his church friends prayed for him to go away and train for teaching. He came back to Swaffham to take over his father’s business after a few years teaching in Suffolk, and for the next 30 years preached in the Baptist Churches locally and taught in Sunday school at Swaffham. Eventually, returning from the business, he then became the pastor at Foulsham Baptist Church.


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